how it works

1: Let's meet...
 Start by contacting me for an obligation free meet and greet where we will sit and chat over coffee or tea {on me}. Since birth is such an intimate event, I recommend both you and your partner meet with me prior to your birth so that we all become comfortable with each other before the big day. 

2: It's time!...
As soon as you begin feeling early signs of labor, touch base with me. That way I will be able to prepare as much as possible for that urgent call I will be waiting for later. You'll have my undivided attention from the time I arrive until 2 hours after your baby is born, so that I am able to capture not only the labor and birth but also those fleeting 'firsts'. After the first day, I will then set up a good time for me to come the next day and capture your first day with babe, or if you wish your homecoming from the hospital. This is included.

3: See your images...
Soon after your birth you will receive a handful of share-able announcement images, so that you may be able to share the news about your little bundle's arrival as soon as possible. We will then schedule a time for me to come to your home and present the rest of your images to you on a beautiful slideshow set to music. You and your family will be able to choose the images that you love and want to see in print.

4: The heirloom prints and products...
Once you have chosen your images, product and packages I will then spend time creating your beautiful package. Using only the best printing companies, I will hand package and deliver your products to you personally. I care about your heirlooms, and I will ensure the quality of them before they reach your hands.


frequently asked questions

What is birth photography?

Birth photography is the art of capturing new life and a growing family with professional grade photography equipment. It is different from other types of photography or even having a family member take pictures on your phone or camera. It should be offered by a professional photographer, knowledgeable in photography and birth. Capable of shooting in ever changing light, with flattering angles, and able to compose an image in a unique and artistic manner. They should also be knowledgeable in the local hospital policies and laws in their state.  

How much does birth photography cost?
When I go on call for a client, I am putting all travel opportunities on hold for at least a month surrounding your due date. I stay close to home, and make sure that I always have my gear charged and ready, my phone is always on and near me, and my sitters are on high alert. From 37-42 weeks, I am keeping in communication with you until you call me letting me know that it is time to have a baby. After that I am there with you and you have my undivided attention for your birth no matter the length, and also 2 hours after baby arrives. You birth can take 2 hours, or it can take 36; I have been present and both of these and everything in between. After your birth I will take the time to make sure I get you a handful of images to share and announce. Digital copies of anything you've purchased are yours to keep.  Most couples make a 1450-2400+ purchase for their birth stories.

Will we meet before the birth?

Absolutely! I insist we meet face to face to really get to know each other and become comfortable with each other before your baby's birthday. I want you to make sure that all of your worries, fears, and questions are all soothed and answered. If possible, meeting me with your partner alongside you is best to ensure that his/her questions are answered as well. The birth space is so incredibly intimate that I want to walk into it as your friend, rather than walk in a stranger. 

Where will you stand in the room and how do you work?

A lot of people often either assume that I am a fly on the wall, and they cannot tell that I am there. Or they might imagine that my presence will be to distracting. I am really neither of these things. To get a real life opinion on this you can absolutely request to join my VIP group that I have specifically created for my past and future clients, and ask one of my past clients what they thought of how I worked and my presence in the room. But to answer myself, I like to think that I am pretty authentically myself in a birth room. I am a very quiet, low energy, introverted person most of the time. Which is quite different from my initial extroverted, hi energy self that you get to see in our first meeting. I don't strive to meld into the background nor be a fly on the wall, but rather a part of your support team; just more passive and hands off. I definitely don't want you to feel uncomfortable with me just sitting and watching with my camera up to my face, so I will absolutely chat with you if you are feeling chatty. Hold your hand when you are having a contraction and your partner or doula is not in the room. Help get rags, water, coffee, or food for you and your team, or partner. And of course, I know that most importantly my role is to be out of the way of the professionals, and quiet as to not disrupt you during labor. 

I like the idea of birth photography, but I'm concerned about modesty.

Not to worry, so am I! Having had 2 babies now myself, I totally understand that vulnerability that you feel during labor and pushing. It's nothing to take lightly. Knowing this, I definitely want to make sure that I am respecting it as much as possible. I collect that information from you in our consult and make sure that I am capturing and not capturing certain things in certain ways. I know how to grab even crowning shots, in a modest way. 

What about scheduled or emergency cesareans? 

I have been present at a handful of cesareans here in the Springs and a couple in Denver. Each hospital has it's own policies surrounding this, which is why it's imperative that you talk to your care provider before deciding to hire a birth photographer, if you are or even if you are not planning a c-section. We can talk in more detail about this when we meet in person.

What if I go into preterm labor?

I will still be there for you! If I cannot make it, I have backup, professional birth photographers that will be able to take my place. You are welcome to meet with them as well. 

What if you can't make it to the birth?

If I nor my back up photographers can make it, due to various reasons, you will be able to put the retainer fee towards a newborn session. 

What if I don't want my images shared on the internet?

I completely understand, and always take you and your family's privacy seriously and respect your choice. 

What do you photograph exactly?

I photograph moments as they unfold throughout labor, delivery, and after. I am capturing all the details of the room, the people, you and your partner, your doctor, baby being born, you and your partner's emotions as you meet him, and all the details of the aftermath including weighing, measuring, baby feet, cries, first latch, and moments as a new family. Also I capture anything you think you might like to see later. I like to always take at least one crowning image, even in you are on the fence. You can decide after the birth to see them, or I can put them into a separate folder for you to view on your own time. It is ultimately up to you. Birth images can be used to process and heal after birth as well and you may like to having images like that for that reason.

Do you offer newborn and maternity sessions?

I do! Those are offered separately and are documentary in style. Like birth, I will document you being authentically you in your home, or outside in a place you frequent with your partner before baby or as a family, after he arrives. I also offer breastfeeding, motherhood, herbal bath and day in the life sessions. Contact me for more details.