The Nursing Diaries - Colorado Springs Breastfeeding Stories and Anecdotes

Ahh the breastfeeding mom. Oh how I love you so. World breastfeeding week just past, and I had a lovely time talking about boobs and all their glory! I released a beautiful set of images under the Nursing in Public Project, which was so geniusly created by Sarah Mascioli. I enjoyed every minute I was able to be apart of making that amazing idea come to life. You can see them here

These gorgeous mama's below allowed me to share a glimpse into their unique breastfeeding journey. Each woman and baby have a bond that is all their own. It is a thing of beauty really. I was unable to breast feed either of my children for very long due to a condition called IGT. You can read about my story here However, I cherish all the moments that I was able to. 

I am excited to share these, because it really shows you how difficult it can sometimes be to nurse your babies at first. There seems to always be some challenge that makes breastfeeding that much harder. Reading these brings me comfort actually. Breastfeeding is often looked at as the easier choice. It's cheaper, it's always ready to go, but in reality many moms will be faced with adversities. However it can be easy, and in a lot of ways really stinkin' fun in my opinion! Check out these awesome ladies and babies...

Colorado Springs Birth Photographer - Adventures of Nursing Mothers 1

 "My little nursing is almost 4 months old already! She came into the world happy and healthy a month early, and we were fortunate to supplement with donor milk her first few days earth side. We are so grateful to the mamas who have donated to the milk bank and plan to do so in the future! I am so grateful to the hospital lactation consultants who had me start pumping and feeding my colostrum until my milk arrived. We used a nipple shield and went to breastfeeding support group weekly for encouragement (I really had a love/hate relationship with that shield!) until 10 weeks when she woke up and nursed on her own! She's a great eater and is growing so quickly!"

-Lindsey M. 

"My first tandem latch! 20mo and baby was about 1 week!"

-Leann S.


"My nursing journey with my little one has been good. It's had its tough parts but we have bonded more than ever. I nurse in public with no problem."

-Brittany B. 

"Tandem nursing in public, lol. I finally found a way to be somewhat discreet."
-Treanna W.

"I once nursed while teaching a Pilates & swiss ball class at work. Difficult, but doable!"
-Anna W.


"With my son I had a rough labor and delivery... We were a home birth transfer to a hospital where he was delivered via emergency c-section. We almost lost him twice and myself once. He was placed in the NICU for a week where I hardly saw/held him. He also refused to latch which wrecked my heart. So I started pumping and that was very difficult seeing as I had a less than gentle c-section so I was in horrific pain.
My son had to be on oxygen and that furthered his lack of interest in nursing. We also learned he had a tongue tie. I pushed myself to pump for him and wasn't getting enough milk so we had to supplement. Which again, broke my heart. After praying and many tears God blessed me with a nursing baby boy at 2 months postpartum!

With my daughter I had a VBAC hospital birth 18 months after having our son! With even the help of our doula, my daughter wasn't latching. She was diagnosed with a tongue tie AND severe lip tie. She also lacked the strength to suckle properly. So I made the heartbreaking decision to not press the issue and to pump for her as well. God made peace in my heart and blessed me with such a massive supply I was able to stop pumping soon than I had first planned which gave me more time to be mommy. She had breast milk in her diet till she was 8 mos old! Now we make her a goats milk formula and it's been just as awesome as my frozen breast milk."
-Shannon P.

I hope you enjoyed those as  much as I did! So what about YOU? Leave a comment in the section below, and tell me about your breastfeeding journey! I'd love to hear it . . .