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Baby-wearing is when you wear your baby in some type of carrier such as a ring sling, wrap, or buckle carrier. 
There are so many benefits to baby-wearing. Baby-wearing has made being a mom of two boys so much easier. One benefit of baby-wearing is convenience. Wearing your baby allows you to keep your baby close to you while being completely hands free. In fact, you can nurse your baby in most carriers which then allows you to breastfeed your baby completely hands free. Baby-wearing parents also experience their babies crying less often and learning more. 
One common misconception is that only non-mobile babies can be worn. I think that wearing my baby now that he's walking is even more crucial than before because I can actually keep him with me when we are running errands. Each carrier will have a weight range and you can wear your baby as long as you want as long as your baby's weight falls within your carrier's limits. I mostly wear my baby in a Tula soft structured carrier. My standard Tula goes up to 45 pounds which is about ten pounds more than my 3 year old weighs. They even have a toddler Tula which goes up to 60 pounds! 
There are so many types of carriers. Choosing a carrier can be difficult because of how many there are to pick from. One piece of advice from me is to try on a few carriers before purchasing one. I love my Tula but just because I love it doesn't mean it's going to be the perfect fit for you. We all have different bodies, different babies, and different lifestyles. 
If you're local to Colorado Springs, we have a baby wearing international group that hosts meetings each month where you can try on different carriers, ask questions, and get help with your carrier. Members are even able to check out a different carrier each month so that you can really know what you like before spending the money on one. 
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-Zoe West
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