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Ezekiel literally means "God strengthens". And He did. Her entire pregnancy and birth He worked in their lives. You can read about her beautiful birth here and see some lovely bump photos of Amy here. Below are some darling newborn images of Mr. Ezekiel and a letter written to him from his loving parents...

Jeremiah 1:5

"Before I formed you in the womb, I knew you. Before you were born, I set you apart. "

Dear Ezekiel, 

It’s been obvious to us that God’s hand has been upon you since before you existed. God gave us your name before you were conceived and told us you would do great things in this life. When you were conceived, we had to trust God a lot. We had to trust him to keep you healthy and safe. When we couldn’t see or protect you, see you smile or hear you cry, He told us he was there watching over you. He’s taught us to trust His voice through chaos, confusion and trials, to expect miracles when we trust Him to carry us through. Most of all, he reminded us again and again of your name. Ezekiel, your name means God strengthens. He will always strengthen. When first we held you in our arms, we were overwhelmed not just by the pure joy that you arrived safely, but also because parenting is going to be the greatest challenge we’ve ever been faced with. You’re 10 days old now, and we’re already learning that we’ll make mistakes. But God will strengthen.We hope you know that we love you. You’re our precious son. We’ve hoped many things for you, prayed many prayers for you, and dreamed so many dreams for you as you danced around in the womb waiting to make your grand appearance in this world. Above all else though, we hope you realize someday that the very God who formed the universe formed you in all your intricacies. He found joy in forming your beautiful brown hair, your deep eyes, your little toes, and little hands… That God spent a lot of our time making you the precious little boy we get to call our son. He’s also spoken to your proud parents about the man you’ll become. Know that when God names you he means it. Your name – Ezekiel, God strengthens will serve as a reminder of your wonderful Creator who has set you apart to do great things and that he will strengthen you for the task.Son; dream big, pray Hard, love deeply. Know that we your parents, will always be on your side more importantly, so will the Lord.