I want to thank you - Colorado Springs Birth Photographer

As I sit here this evening deep in thought about my own family and the children I am raising I can't help but think about the children and families that I come into contact with as a birth photographer. I mean, I really am there at the crux of it all; to witness and document people become parents as it unfolds. When a belly becomes a baby, and a couple becomes a family, even if for the second of third time. It's truly miraculous.

When I really stop to think about it, I don't feel at all fit for the job. To be apart of such a journey. Your journey. I feel deeply touched that so many families have allowed me to come and sit with them while they go through it all. Gratitude is all I have for each of you who have. I've walked away from each birth a better and stronger person and mother, and learned something new each time.

For every late night, and early morning phone call. Each rushed drive, and brisk walk into the hospital. Naps on couches and against doula shoulders. For all the snacks and warm coffee enjoyed waiting. Or those heart pounding moments I arrived just in the nick of time. Every grunt and yell, as you worked so hard. All those silent moments spent with your partner concentrating. Those that pushed for hours, or just a few moments. To those incredible mothers who birthed precious babies in the OR. Each little finger and toe you spent nearly a year making. All the tears that streamed from your face the moment you met your baby. All the tears I've choked back as to not to miss a single moment. And for every transformative moment you allowed me to witness..

I want to thank you. Thank you for all that you do for your families and your babies. The work you do as mothers and fathers is the most important work there is. And thank you for seeing value in me and the work that I do and inviting me to capture these moments.