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Today was a special one! Gathering with uplifting, supportive women is always a great way to start my day. The nurse-in began right around 9 am, with lots of chatting, laughing, and donuts. Thanks to Sarah for bringing those, and to Amy's Donuts for donating some of their own! It being national donut day and all, it couldn't have been sweeter. 

I photographed the news anchors, the mothers, fathers, and children all with my youngest in tow. I was pleased to see some papas out there, holding their signs in support of their wives and all the other mothers. When you see their beautiful babies, and children there is not a thing in this world that could replace them. These families, and mothers work hard to give them the very best, and of course that includes breastmilk. It cannot be replaced. It can not be replicated. 

The bond between a mother and her child is only strengthened through the breastfeeding relationship. It is not easy and you do stumble. However, the reward you reap by taking that extra step into nursing is monumental. Not unlike motherhood, or giving birth, you cannot understand until you are actually there in the thick of it. This is why we have so much uneducated opinions about it, and ignorance that surrounds it. It's exactly why we as mothers must forgive! We must love! We are called to nurture and teach our children, as they need guidance. This is the same for people that do not understand. 

Heather, was asked to speak with the radio DJ on air about the incident. She was also one of the women that organized this event. I feel that she did a beautiful job in peacefully expressing the views of so many nursing mothers. It is not that we cannot see humor in certain things, it's that somethings go too far and should not be said. 

I tend to find the lesson in challenges such as these. I'd have to actually give thanks to whoever said what they said. Why? Well, you cannot have black without white, joy without pain, right without wrong. We honestly needed this as a community. If we are always living in the grey, we can never come into the light! I believe this breastfeeding community is getting stronger, and with how many people came I can only conclude that even more were positively affected by this. Maybe we actually CAN help women uncover, come out of their homes, and try harder for what they really want. All we need is a strong support system! 

It seems only fitting to conclude this post with one of my favorite verses..


Luke 6:31
"Do to others as you would have them do to you."