Birth of William- Colorado Springs Home Birth

When I met Deanna, she wasn't very far along with her first baby, William. I was impressed with how incredibly prepared she was for child birth, and home birth for that matter. She had read a million books on the subject, and had more knowledge on birth than most first time mothers do. 

If I had to pick one word to describe her birth, it would have to be "beautiful". I walked into their home the morning of March 27th to find that everything was just beautiful. The weather was beautiful, decorations were beautiful, the team was beautiful inside and out, the connection her and her husband had...beautiful.  Even the sounds she made as she was having a rush were gorgeous, she sounded just like she was singing her baby down. Of course, Deanna herself was a beautiful birthing mother, and her and Andrew birthed a beautiful baby boy together. 

As she birthed little William, and the midwife brought him up out of the water and onto mama's chest, almost everyone was in tears. Just watching Deanna love on her brand new baby boy, it was so wonderful to witness such instant and pure love. It was a pleasure to watch this couple cross the threshold into parenthood together.

She spent a lot of time assembling the perfect birth team, for her. I think birth is at it's best when the team in working in harmony around the couple. Her doula and Andrew worked together to provide her with exactly what she needed to feel confident to bring baby earthside. Deanna was able to birth in peace, without fear, and she did it so gracefully. I am in awe of her and I feel honored to have been able to be apart of her birth team.