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Birth of little Rowyn - Colorado Springs Birth Photographer

It isn't often that a mama with a new baby will think to write her own birth story just days after having her baby. I know I have yet to fully write mine and my children are 5 and 2! But it is a huge treat to be able to share this birth story with you straight from the woman herself....

"Birth story time? On Tuesday, at the end of my wits, I managed to see my midwife that evening. We talked about everything and she swept my membranes around 5:30pm or so; and also made an induction appointment for Wednesday morning at 6:30am. Immediately after my appointment I started having stabbing vaginal pain that I had no clue were contractions. Ran a couple of errands with my mom, and had dinner. Still having pains. I decided to go to sleep, or try to, before my induction the next morning. Managed to sleep for a couple of hours. I tried to time my stabbing pains as they were starting to get more painful and frequent at that point, butttt I ended up falling asleep. Eventually I woke up at 1am in a ton of pain, has to sneak out of bed away from Aoife without waking her up. Stood up and felt a small gush which I assumed was my waters breaking. Waddled over to Thomas on the couch and had him go lay down with Aoife in bed. Managed to get downstairs and wake up my mom. My contractions were now 3mins apart, and reaching a minute long. Mom finally woke up (lol) and started to get ready. I called Sarah to wake her up then called Brezi to wake her up. My pains were getting unbearable. We finally get to the hospital and secure a room. In triage I was a 5-6cm and when they wheeled me down the hall to my room I was a 7-8cm! So crazy. My amazing midwife shows up and has me move to the tub for a little bit as I work through some awful contractions. She turns on the essential oil diffuser and massages my back with essential oils. After my foot falls asleep in the tub (lol) I move to the yoga ball for a little while. Really loved @smbcoffee and her back pressure here! My mom holds my hand and helps me through some intense contractions. She was amazing. I really needed her there. I move to laying on the bed on my side with a bean shaped pillow between my legs. I can't even open my eyes at this point. So. Much. Pressure. I'm exhausted. I am informed that I have a small lip of cervix keeping her back. We decide to break waters and hold back lip. Ow.

Rowyn pops into my birth canal and 12 minutes later a baby is born."