Birth of Little Ezekiel - Denver Birth Photographer

What struck me most about Amy and Elijah was their incredible love for the Lord. From the moment we met, it radiated from within them both. They said that He had their son's name picked out, even before he was conceived.  Ezekiel...."God strengthens".  Driven by powerful intuition and faith, they began collecting baby boy items. 

When they became pregnant, they began to seek out birth professionals in their area. Mountain Midwifery Birth Center, in Denver, fit so many of their wants and needs as a couple about to have their first child. She took full advantage of their helpful staff as she neared the end of her pregnancy. What a wonderful place to have a baby, and receive care before you do. All of the midwives have such a comforting disposition, and are willing to help in any way they can. 

Ezekiel was estimated to arrive around the beginning of February. Although there are no clocks or calendars in utero, so he came to greet us a bit earlier than that. I received a text from Amy saying that she was starting to have contractions, a little over 2 weeks before her date. I continued to stay in communication with her, but mostly with her doula. It came to a point where the doula was going to start heading over to her house, as Amy's contractions were becoming much more intense. I met them at MMC around 10:00 am, and after they were settled in a bit they learned that Amy's cervix was just at 4 cms. Her contractions slowed, and she was sent home. 

I think it was a little disheartening for her to be sent home, but we all agreed that the best thing her body needed was rest. I followed them over and relaxed for a bit, being sure to document when needed, but giving her her space as well. I didn't want to risk going home as I lived about an hour away and wanted to be sure I was close by so I didn't miss it. That evening, it seemed as though Amy was making some good progress, so we made the trek back to the birth center. 6 cms. At this point Amy was becoming incredibly tired and the midwife was getting concerned for her strength to continue like this for much longer. Eventually the decision was made to make a transfer to the hospital. With her husband, doula and God on her side she kept fighting for her natural labor and birth, taking as few interventions as she could. It was hard finding the balance between her birth plan, and what her body needed. She needed sleep.  

Eventually, I made the decision to head home to Colorado Springs. I got home around 3:30 am. I made sure to keep in contact with both her and my sitters, just in case I needed to make a mad dash to Denver. The next day, I was getting my kids in the car and ready to head over to a maternity shoot that I had scheduled and I get a text from their doula...."Come to Denver". I immediately called her and she seemed so panicked that Amy was going to have the baby and that I was going to miss it that I rushed to drop my kids off and started on the second journey up to Denver. At this point I was heading to a different Denver hospital as she had gotten sent home again to continue to labor in peace. When I arrived she was still at 6 cms. She was disappointed with this, and I think that made her begin to doubt if her body was capable of birth at all. It's a common feeling really, when labor seems to not be progressing like it should. However she was capable, and she was able to push her baby into the world. Little Ezekiel was born January 20 at 12:12am, 7 lb 6 oz and 20.5 inches. With a bit of help, of the midwife, a little pitocin and an epidural, Amy was able to birth baby Ezekiel with the last bit of strength she had left. Once he was born everyone finally realized why her labor was not progressing the way that it should have. With a tilted head, posterior position, a cord around his neck and his arm up by his face, it's truly a miracle that she was able to push him out.  Her birth was so remarkable in the sense that she birthed with such love, joy and strength, it left us all in awe of her.