Birth of Synclaire...An unexpected home birth story - Colorado Home Birth

When I met Carliza, we had an instant connection. She and I are both young mamas with a desire to do better for our second birth experiences than our firsts. I admired her love for her family, and determination to have the best birth that she could. When the birth plan veered into a new direction, she flowed right along with it…

“Saturday 2/16 we went to the 40 week appt. While there I had a bit more swelling than usual and high blood pressure. My midwife wanted me to do blood labs for Preeclampsia. So I did. My levels came back at 323. She wanted me induced that night. I was nervous and wanted time to think and asked if we could induce in the morning but she didn't want to, she felt it was serious. In this moment I couldn't trust my gut because my anxiety was so high thinking about another induction in the hospital.

My sons birth did not go well.

So we arrived around 9pm at the hospital and got ready. Checked my cervix. I was 50% and 3cm and already contracting with contractions I couldn’t feel. So we opted for cervidil and started that at 11pm. It brought on contractions and brought them 1-2 minutes apart. They were uncomfortable the entire time. The contractions built up from 5 min. It was impossible to sleep through them so I tried to sleep between them. But was struggling to even do that. I laid on the couch with my husband hoping his comfort was what I needed and I fell asleep until the next contraction. My Mom ended up bringing my son in because he was crying.

They were in the waiting area trying to sleep as well He was so exhausted and hard to calm down. He finally went back to sleep and they went back to our house in hopes that he would sleep some. And he did. By 2am we went ahead and took out the cervidil but I was still at a 3. My blood pressure had been completely normal since walking in so I asked my midwife if she would be willing to repeat labs because I really didn't want to continue with induction if I really didn't have Pre-Eclampsia. She agreed, got me on a saline drip to relax my uterus and calm these contractions and talked about starting Pit depending on my labs. Which I was hesitant knowing how much I hated it with my son.

(42 week induction) My labs came back normal. Though the nurse didn't like it and kept trying to find reason to keep me, continuously talked about breaking my water and telling me her heart decels are concerning during contractions and at one point asked me. "If I have to cut your dress off you will you be okay with that?" I was livid. But just tried staying in the moment. My midwife came and watched her heart rate said it was great asked if I would be willing to do a BPP and I consented. Baby girl passed the BPP with flying colors. She just wanted to check me once more to make sure my cervix hadn't changed. Still 3cm.

So I got discharged around 11:20 am with midwives orders of relax, test BP twice a day, drink lots of water and stay in bed as much as possible and that I would see her Tuesday. Well we got in the car and Nick REALLY wanted Jamba Juice so we stopped there.

I had 2 pretty intense contractions when we were waiting on drinks and I told him we couldn't stop at Starbucks for my Mom I needed to get home now because I had to poop. Contractions picked up like crazy in the car. He drove WAY over the speed limit and got us home in 20 min which typically takes 35. I ran upstairs went to the bathroom. Drew myself a bath but hopped around from the bath to the toilet to leaning over my bed to hanging on Nick's shoulders, my hands and knees. One knee down one knee up. Whatever I felt. But still denying real labor. I felt pushy. But again still denying labor. I kept thinking 'this will go away I was just checked at the hospital and was still 3cm.'

I got off the floor walking to the bathroom and said out loud "I can't do this." Leaning on the sink Nick put his hand through my hair and said "You can do it, you are doing it." I went back into our room and tried laying on my right side but immediately got up onto my shins leaning back on my hands. Nick was on his knees in front of me rubbing my thigh. In this moment I surrendered, my anxiety dropped immensely when I went from 'this isn't labor, wtf is going on?' to 'this is it' a huge shift in my mood happened. It was if I just let out a huge sigh of relief when in reality I just let go.

Instead of trying to deny it I accepted it moved on and it was like someone else took over my body and I couldn't feel the "pain" anymore. After that contraction I sat on the toilet and wiped, bloody mucus. I looked at Nick sitting on our bathtub and he goes "They said that was possible because of just being checked" I said "Yeah, should we call Janet?" (Janet is my midwife) He goes "No let’s get a time on these first I don't want another false call." Pulls out the contraction timer. I hit it, 45 seconds long intense and crazy. These were still coming less than 30 seconds apart before. I smacked his phone trying to hit the button for the second one that came just a minute or so later (contractions were starting to space out) and told him. Call Janet.

While the phone was ringing my water broke on the toilet I still hadn't moved. It was that moment right before baby comes that you get a bit of a break because before contractions felt on top of eachother right before that and I had a full conversation with Nick right then.

Water broke at 11:57am while Nick was on the phone with Janet. I dropped to all 4s and said "Get ready to catch a baby." He grabbed our towels and receiving blankets threw them down next to QA me so we had things to grab when and if we needed them. He asked where the gloves were because he was worried about her being slimy and I told him "Just catch" he got behind me reassuring me he was there. I reached my hand back and felt and said "I knew it. It's her head." I could feel her move down. I knew exactly where she was as she was moving down. I kept my hand on her head as it was coming out. Two more contractions with FER (fetal ejection reflux) and she was out and here and in her Daddy's hands!

Nick unwrapped her cord 3 times, it was around her leg, armpit and neck. He immediately placed her on my chest! She nursed immediately. My placenta came about 20 minutes after delivery. I didn't get an exact time. I sat on the bathroom floor until my midwife arrived at 1pm. And once she got here I went ahead and got up in bed. And relaxed with baby girl while Nick cut her cord. Did skin to skin wrapped us in a blanket and just chilled for a little while she nursed again! It was perfect! Synclaire Nova-Jean was born at home into her Daddy's hands (15 min after arriving home from the hospital) at 12:01pm on 2/17/19 on her due date weighing 7lbs 4.7oz and 20 inches long!”