Happy 2 0 1 9 To You And Yours

Yesterday was the last day my husband was off, and the first day of the brand new year. I guess this is the time and place for resolutions and such, but I’ve never been a fan of them. I tend to be in that camp of people that believes in starting fresh right where you are, whenever that may be. But I do love that feeling of starting fresh and new and there’s no better time than now.

We took a family hike in the frigid temperatures yesterday which is kind of out of the norm for us, but I wanted to scout a new location for an upcoming maternity session. It was also a good place to mull over priorities for the year. So I thought I would share them here with you.

Colorado Springs Birth Photography
  1. I want to start shooting more personal projects, and also projects oriented around my business.

    I’d love to be able to get creative with people that love to be in front of the camera. Maybe some more boudoir stuff, or just creative portraits. Sometimes working as a photographer for other people but not doing a lot of work just for myself can make the art feel…well…like work. I love what I do, but I also need to create outside of making things for other people.

  2. I’d love to spend more time traveling and with my family.

    Last year I decided to dedicate most of my earnings with my business towards travel with my husband and kids. And I have been very successful so far. In fact my husband and I will be going on a trip just us to New York City in April all funded by my business. This is a big milestone for me as I typically turnaround and invest back into my business via gear or education and such. But this year I finally feel like I have acquired all of the gear that I need, and I can start to actually enjoy the fruits of my labor.

Colorado Springs Birth Photographer

3.) I want to spend more time with my husband at the gym.
I know this one sounds a little cliche’, and well…it is. But I love working out and I love my husband and I love it when I have a gym buddy. I know that he has been wanting to be a more regular gym goer too. Hypothetically: This is going to be the year this happens. Realistically: I think we can realistically go together 1x per month, but I’d love to do this 1x per week. I usually go a couple times a week to workout and also work on my computer, so we’ll see if I can get the hubs to join me. Wish me luck!

4.) I want to do more ‘business to business’ sessions.
Last year I was able to create a promo video for an incredible photographer here in the Springs. I’ve been using her for our families portraits for the past couple of years now and I just love her. I was so excited she asked me to do this for her. I was also able to shoot a book cover for a lovely midwife here in the springs. Going into 2019 I would love to get to know more businesses in my community and do work for these small businesses. I’d love to use my platform, which is relatively small, but I’d like to use it all the same to help other businesses here in my community. I know how hard it is to get the word out and get in front of the right people, and if I can be the person that fills that gap, I would be so happy to do it.

Colorado Springs Birth Photographer

5.) I’ll use this space to dream a little….
I think it’s important to dream big, and celebrate small victories. I’ve always wanted to shoot a surrogate birth. I’d love to get to know a family and their story, and capture the details of it. I’d also love to document a twin birth. And I’d love to be asked to join a family for their birth in a different part of the country or world even. For now these are on my bucket list, and I can’t wait to cross them off.

I’m curious friend….what do you have planned for this year? What are your dreams and goals and priorities? Did you fulfill some of the ones you had planned last year? Will some of them remain the same? I’d love to hear from you. <3

Brezi & family.

happy new year!

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