Birth of Charli - Colorado Springs Birth Story

Having your first baby is full of so much excitement, joy and anticipation. I could feel all of these things that morning when I first met Sara. We met in a little Starbucks, ordered warm drinks, and got to chatting like old friends. We talked about birth, we talked about life, we talked about how fast approaching her due date was. She was due just weeks from that day, and was nervous that she had waited a bit too late to finalized photography plans with me. But I set her mind at ease, and told her that I would be on call for her the moment we parted ways that same day. We both left excited and continued the waiting game of meeting this new sweet little girl. 
I remember the evening I got the call. She said she had been feeling off and that she was pretty sure that her water had broke. They didn't have plans to go to the hospital quite yet, so I told her to keep me updated and let me know if the plans were to change. I kept checking my phone all evening until bedtime, and all morning until I got word of an update. They had made it to the hospital and things we picking up a little, but they still needed to wait. As the morning went on though things picked up quite a bit and she started with an epidural. It wasn't long before she texted me saying she went from 2 cm, to about 5-6 cm and things were progressing. So I made plans to get to the hospital as soon as I possibly could. I remember getting there just around lunchtime and she was almost complete, and around 9 cms! I quickly got busy documenting everything that I could; all the big things, all the little things, all of it equally important. 

Once she was complete the midwife came in to chat about what the next step was going to be. She said the baby was still a little high, and so we wouldn't burn too much of Sara's energy pushing, they suggested that she wait for baby to get a little lower. I remember I was only there a couple of hours before it was time to push. The general consensus is that pushing with your first babe takes a couple of hours. But Sara heard this and decided that wasn't for her, because once she started it was about a half hour and then we got to meet sweet Charli. 

And Charli was born March 15th, 2018. A whole 8 pounds even. Eight whole pounds of sweet baby chunky love.