Birth of Vale Calvary - A Colorado Homebirth Story

Repeat clients hold a special place in my heart. So when Lindsay, a previous mama of mine, contacted me and asked me if I could squeeze one February birth into my closed February schedule...I immediately said YES! I always have room for returning families. As long as I am in town, I will work in an off month for them any day of the week. 

Immediately when I walked into their beautiful home in the heart of Colorado Springs, I could feel the warmth and the love that lived there. I could see the care that they took in making their new house a home. I could hear the sweet conversations between them, and extended family phone chats all in anticipation of this new family member. Everything about this home said "family lives here, love lives here, and God lives here."

It didn't take her long to start to feel intense rushing waves of labor. Within the hour we were rapidly preparing to meet this sweet baby. She waited for her midwife Jolene to make her way to the house, through somewhat dangerous weather, before she decided to get into the tub. And before we knew it, Vale Calvary was born. . .