Birth Trends To Look For In 2019 - Colorado Springs Birth Workers Explain

It seems like each year as the times change, so do the trends, and birth is no exception. For example; birth photography has become quite popular over the past year or so. I was curious what birth workers local to Colorado Springs had to say regarding new trends to look for in 2019 and I got some surprisingly different answers. I think you will enjoy looking through these as much as I did, and I am excited to see what comes of 2019 in the birth world, especially here in the Springs.

CPM, RM Birth At Home Midwifery Services, LLC
Homebirth Midwife in Colorado Springs
Author of “A Midwife in Amish Country”

“Considering the very, very few who actually utilize the old new trends regarding birth, I think I’d simply like to rename them. . .

1.       Unobtrusive, sensitive, respectful, well-trained midwifery care through the childbearing year!
2.       Homebirth!
3.       Waterbirth!
4.       Candles and music and flowers!
5.       Professional birth photography!
6.       Siblings present!
7.       Instinctual, gentle pushing!
8.       Mom and/or Dad and/or siblings catch the baby!
9.       Birth pause!
10.   Breast crawl!
11.   Physiological third stage!
12.   Mind the golden hour!
13.   Two hour delayed cord clamping!
14.   Cord burning!
15.   Belly binding from hour two or three through six weeks!
16.   Placenta consumption or ceremonial surrender of it to the earth!
17.   Tender tending of Mama through the weeks following birth!

You’ll only ever give birth to your baby this once! Be sure to take the time to thoroughly explore the very many lovely options available to you!”

Colorado Springs Birth Photographer

Owner of My Blessed Birth Doula Services
Active Doula serving Colorado Springs

“That's a good question and I'm not sure if there's one big trend I feel is skyrocketing above the others, but I do feel like it is becoming more accepted to have older siblings there at the birth! Usually the kids handle the birth very well (better than the parents anticipate sometimes), and it can be a special experience to see how their sibling came into the world and share those first few moments as a family. I've also noticed an increased sense of confidence and control in mothers who have their older children there, I think because they want to be strong for the other kid(s) and help them to have positive memories of the day. Just a thought!”

Owner of Green Chair Stories
Photographer based in Colorado

“ I'm not sure what trends are coming! There seems to be more exploration into natural/unmedicated and even home/water births. So I wouldn't be surprised if those continue to be more popular. I also think as moms get more interested in the natural approach, there will be more birth centers popping up. I see moms creating a more personalized space to give birth, which I'm all about. I think we will continue to see rooms centered around the birthing experience rather than hospital beds. ”

Colorado Birth Photographer, Colorado Birth Photography_4752.jpg

CPM, RM Owner of Holistic Home Birth, LLC
Homebirth Midwife in Colorado Springs

“I love watching the birth trends unfold. I started practicing before doula became a household word. In recent years, trends have included: water birth, placenta encapsulation, gender reveal parties, labor, postpartum and even sibling doulas, and a huge rise in birth photography (obviously!) There has also been more women opting for non-invasive prenatal genetic screening, with which they are able to accurately determine fetal sex as early as 9.5 weeks!!

What’s interesting is, just recently, I have seen the trend shifting back to clients waiting to find out “what they are having”. I think that’s a lot of fun! I have personally done it both ways (found out, and waited) and the birth was a lot more exciting when I didn’t know.”

CNM, Owner of Mountain Miracles Midwifery
Homebirth Midwife in Colorado Springs

“I feel like the biggest trend I am seeing is a swing towards more natural birth and out of hospital birth. As options increase in Colorado Springs, families are starting to think about how they want to bring their sweet baby into the world! I’m so grateful for this because I am seeing a huge number of clients coming to me who are just asking questions and by the time the consult is finished, they realize what’s best for them is birthing in the out of hospital setting! I’m truly noticing this more with families having their first child which is such a gift because of the overwhelming increase in interventions and c-section rates just for these particular mamas alone! If we can help a mama empower herself to deliver her first baby at home (or out of hospital), we protect her from all the unnecessary interventions so many are subjected to but also protect her from the potential birth trauma she may experience not having the control and informed consent over her birth she deserves to have. It’s basically getting them off on the right foot for the rest of their births! These women will live their lives knowing they did what they felt was best for their babies and have the privilege to see just how powerful they are which will go with them their entire lives! They’ll believe they are strong and therefore be it! They’ll believe they are powerful and therefore do powerful things!! Birth is truly the place where women discover a huge part of who they are and how they were created and that will carry them through the rest of their lives!! Can you imagine a world where women felt their power? Where women were encouraged to empower themselves?! Where women felt they could speak up and be heard, where they could step out and be seen?! I am in such a privileged place watching these beautiful women birth their babies in a way that completely gives them the power they need to be the most amazing mothers and maybe even someday they can continue to conquer the world!”

Colorado Springs Birth Photographer