Birth of Tucson A Colorado Springs Home Birth

This sweet mama and I have know each other since 2015 when she was pregnant with her third son, Trace. I got to know her through a collection of projects I did. Through the years we’ve kept in touch and bonded over our kids being similar ages, and of course birth! She invited me to photographer her third birth and I was so happy to do it. It was such a beautiful sibling attended birth right in the middle of her own home’s living room. I was so excited when she told me she was pregnant with her fourth babe. I remember I was sitting in the airport when she texted me. I was so excited I immediately put her on my calendar!

When the time came to find out the gender, Diamond already felt it and knew that it would be another boy. Four boys! How fun. Being at this last birth was like deja vu. She had him in the same house, in the same place, with almost the exact same birth team, and almost the exact same time of year.

I think a birth story is best told by the mother herself, so I will stop talking and give her the stage from here:

“This was my fourth pregnancy with my fourth boy and was by far the hardest and most stressful pregnancy I have ever had. I was so ready for it to be over! When I hit 37 weeks I was glad for it to be ok for him to come when he pleased. I needed him to come! I had been having contractions every night for a few weeks after I hit 37 weeks, so the midwife and I were sure that he would come before I was 39 weeks. Nope. So then I thought for sure he would come on the full moon night, Thanksgiving night, but nope. I was so tired. So the next day, Friday, I decided to get acupuncture done. I went on Saturday as well. It seemed to be working, because Sunday morning I woke up to contractions. I thought it would be the day.

It was 3:45 AM when I was woken up by the contractions that Sunday. They were pretty consistent, but didn’t last very long and never got any stronger than they were from the start. I decided to call my midwife, Stephanie, and she came over to check things out for me. I was due to have an appointment the next day anyway, which I was hoping I wouldn’t make it to. I elected to get checked to see where I was and I was 3cm, so possible early labor. I was excited, but also knew it could mean absolutely nothing. So we both decided I should just go about my day and see if anything changes. That night the contractions spaced out pretty good and I was able to take a shower and just go to bed. The very next morning, November 26th, I was woken up yet again around 3:25 AM to more contractions. These contractions were much different. They were much stronger and within an hour they went from 8 mins apart to 5 mins apart. It was about 5 AM when I decided to go ahead and call Stephanie and let her know what was going on. Stephanie decided that she should probably come over and monitor me for a bit and see if this was going anywhere. All this time I was up by myself. I didn’t want to wake my husband, Matthew, until I knew I was for sure in labor. I went ahead and gave my photographer, Brezi, a heads up as well so she could be ready just incase. 

My contractions were still 5 mins apart and just as intense when Stephanie arrived around 6 AM. I was having to moan through most of the contractions. Stephanie checked to see how baby was handling contractions and watched me for a bit timing my contractions. At 7 AM I went ahead and woke up Matthew so he could get the kids ready for school and go ahead and blow up the pool just incase. I knew I wasn’t anywhere close to having the baby so I thought I would go ahead and send them to school for a bit. The boys were so excited to know that I was likely going to have the baby today. I promised them that they would come home in time, especially since Talon(5) was really looking forward to catching his baby brother. My youngest, Trace(2), was overly excited and was basically bouncing off the walls. Trenton(7), my oldest, was just excited that he would finally get to meet his little brother. As they were about to leave for school I elected to have Stephanie check me to see where I was and if I’ve made much progress since yesterday. She has planned on going to get breakfast. She checked me and said, “Well I’m not going anywhere, you’re at 6cm!!” At this time I knew I was really in labor and I was beyond excited that I would be meeting my little guy soon! Stephanie then went ahead and called everyone to go ahead and come over.

Matthew went ahead and took the boys to school and everyone slowly started rolling in. Things were getting real! Brezi was the first to show up then followed my doula, Liz, and the other midwife, MiMi. When Liz got there we decided to go ahead and go walk outside to see if we could get things to pick up a bit. I was having contractions pretty often outside, but I wanted to go ahead and come inside after a while. We got back inside and went ahead and had Matthew start to fill the pool and cover it up. I think Trace was the most excited about the pool getting filled. I labored inside for a while with support from everyone. I spent a little time sitting on the toilet to try and get contractions to be a bit stronger, but I actually really hated being in that position and it didn’t help my contractions much at all. Next I labored on the floor with Liz using the rebezo on me. I didn’t like it as much as I thought I would, which was a bummer because I was looking forward to it. I did a lot of walking up and down my hallway, leaning over my bed and leaning over onto my exercise ball. It seemed like FOREVER that I was laboring. I felt like maybe things could be changing because I could feel a difference on where I was feeling the pain during each contraction. I asked Stephanie to check me again to see where I was. I was at 7.5cm, so I was either in or hitting transition. Yay! I wanted to try getting in the pool to see if it would help me relax and help with contractions, but it just made them fizzle away. I got right back out and decided to walk up and down my hallway again. Matthew left to go get the boys and they returned when I was just about to get out the pool. Talon was really excited to come home and he went straight to go change into his swimming trunks so he could help catch his brother. We tried to tell him it would still be awhile, but he was so excited haha.

It was getting close to 2 PM and we still had no baby. My kids were getting so anxious to meet their little brother along with me and everyone else. Stephanie wanted to get me outside and walking again, but I refused. I wanted to stay inside and walk up and down my hallway. I knew things were picking up quick and I didn’t want to be outside. I felt very comforted walking up and down the hallway and leaning over my bed during contractions. My doula had to leave and her backup doula, Thu, came to relieve her. Once Thu got there my contractions really picked up getting closer together and lasting longer. Like I said, I knew things were picking up. 

I could tell the baby getting lower and lower. My moans were getting louder and deeper. With every contraction I was squatting lower at my bed to bring him down. I could feel him coming down. I was working so hard because I knew I would be meeting my baby soon. I remember MiMi asking me where I was feeling everything with each contraction and I said to her, “in the front and down low.” She then said, “Can I convince you to try and go ahead and move to the pool now?”. I told Thu that I first wanted to go to the bathroom before I got in. When I sat on the toilet I had the strongest and longest contraction yet! Thu made her way in the bathroom when she heard me. I was saying over and over again, “Why won’t it go away?” Thu said, very calmly, “Because you’re getting really close.”

It was right after 2:30 PM when I got up and walked to the pool. I tried to get in there quick before I had another contraction. As soon as I got in the pool I had a big contraction. Right behind that one I had another big contraction and felt a big pop! I yelled, “My water just REALLY broke!” Earlier when I had went pee my water started leaking, but it was just my forewaters because this time there was a big gush and you could see it in the water. With the next contraction I could feel him and yelled, “Here he comes!” I then heard the midwives come close and I felt Talon get in the pool. I was pushing and felt him crowning. The next thing I hear is Stephanie say, “I’m getting in! Go slow, Diamond.” With the next push I could feel his head come out. He was coming so fast! I didn’t even think it was time before I got in the pool! Finally with one last push at 3:07 PM I felt his body be born. Little did I know his cord was wrapped around his body and neck super tight. Stephanie had me stand up so she could get it from around his neck. 

I heard him cry when he came out so I wasn’t too worried, but they had to cut the cord immediately and give him breathes. The cord being around his neck like that caused him to come around a little slower. The midwives continued to work on him until he was nice and pink. They then handed him over to Matthew so he could have skin to skin while they helped me out the pool and moved to my bed to deliver the placenta. When I got to the bed is when I finally got a good look at my baby boy. He was so beautiful and so tiny. I was instantly in love. His big brother also came in the get a good look at him. Everyone was in awe. My little Tucson Hawk was finally here!