Basking in soon-to-be-baby BLISS

Every time I photograph a couple that is about to have their first baby, it brings me right back to when I was having mine. When you’re all belly and smilies. In love with every little kick and squirm and hiccup felt from within. Not sure how to feel about all the changes happening to your body, but sure it’s exactly what your baby needs from you. He needs those little sacrifices you’ve made; compromising sleep, comfort and hip space.

It truly is a place of wonder. To be able to hold the entirety of a person inside of you, protecting it, loving it, and growing it. Caleb and Chelsea don’t know yet what they are having, and I love that they have the patience to wait and find out, unlike me when I was having mine. That’s going to be a magical moment too. Will it be a girl and have her mother’s eyes? Or a boy with his father’s smile?

I love that I get to spend time and hold space with people in these moments. They truly are fleeting and yet extremely transformative. Before she knows it she will be holding that baby in her arms and this beautiful belly will be kept here in these pictures and in their memories forever. I can’t wait to meet them as new parents and photograph those moments too.