Birth of Luna - Colorado Birth Videography & Photography

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It doesn't actually surprise me that it was taken down. What shocked me more was the fact that it was left up for nearly a month and elicited such an amazing response that I had not anticipated. 

When I made the video, I was not expecting that Heather would be okay with me sharing it publicly and I was okay with that. 

I drove to Florissant with butterflies in my belly in anticipation of surprising Heather and Drew with the creation of this video. They didn't know I had even put it together, and thought that I was there to just show they a slideshow and their birth images and that was it. After the teary slideshow, I put this on and of course we all had something in our eyes as we watched the film. I knew she would love it, but I had no idea she would invite me to share it. 

When I shared it, I never thought it would explode the way it did. It's not about the numbers, but really just the amount of people that was touched, and inspired by it. By a family so deeply in love with the birth process and each other, and with a piece of work I created. 

So friends, I am sharing yet a again, but this time on my blog, something that cannot be erased. If it moves you to comment or share with someone you think would love it just as much, please do. Grab the tissues and enjoy. . .

Heather caught me off guard the morning that she called me. I had just pulled up to putt-putt with my kiddos in the car, and of course noisy in the background. It is just so rare to get a real life phone call anymore, it was refreshing! She was looking around for a birth photographer, and of course I was eager to meet her in person and hear her and Drew's story. We met at a fun little local coffee place that has a kids area in the basement, and in this instance my kiddos were with me busy playing. 

We bonded over the love of birth and babies that day. They lived about an hour from me, and planned to birth at home. For a summer home birth in CO, I decided the risk of missing it was pretty slim. I reassured them I would be able to take them on with confidence. and we left that day excitedly awaiting the arrival of this surprise baby. 

I remember thinking to myself that the house my GPS was leading me too looked just like a sweet doll house that I would have loved to have grown up in. I was greeted by their adorable pitty named Lucid, and made myself at home in the cozy front room. As I peered around the corner I was stunned by how the beauty of the interior matched the exterior and ...THAT DAY LIGHT. I often pine for these kinds of well and naturally lit births. Babies are usually born in the darkness of the night. 

I walked in to see Heather laboring peacefully in her chair and drew starting to get the pool set up. I offered my help but then quickly fell into the background once Christie, the midwife, arrived just a half hour later. Labor progressed fairly quickly, and she hopped into the pool hoping for some much deserved relief. As the waves of labor crashed on, she decided that she'd change her position over on their bed. 

Searching for Drew's and his mother's love, support and reassurance she pressed on through a new stage of labor; pushing. And as the baby crowned, tears began to well in my eyes. Soon after, baby was born into Heather's embrace and she tearfully announced the gender to the room..

"It's a girl!"
And her name is Luna Dawn.