Birth of Gunner - Colorado Birth Photography

I met Melisa at a Safeway Starbucks around the halfway point between our homes. We were separated by about and hour, hour and a half but she still managed to find my name in the bucket of all the amazing photographers in the area. I was thrilled to meet her, buy her some coffee and hear her story. Her husband and her were well into their marriage and ready to start a family. She was pregnant with her very first child, and it happened to be a baby boy. We chatted all about the joys and woes of pregnancy and birth and the like. Her initial email to me consisted of her excitement for her new little one, and her scheduled cesarean date. 

We talked all about her date, and the details and nerves surrounding it. I got the feeling that maybe she wasn't all too sure about a cesarean, so we talked about that too. I think sometimes we as women just need another woman to talk to that's been there and that can maybe offer a sliver of wisdom in the subject. I am not sure how much wisdom I truly have or gave that day, but I do know and believe in my heart of hearts that if you believe in your body and yourself, you can absolutely birth a baby without a cesarean (given the circumstances of course). 

We parted that day, new friends, and excited about this birth and all the new possibilities. I remember getting an email as the weeks progressed from her saying that in the end she would try for a vaginal birth with a cesarean as a backup plan. I thought of how wonderful it was that she found an empowering voice that lead her to trust her body and her baby. That she knew she would be taken care of either way, and I am so happy she found peace in that.

When I arrived at her birth room, in Parker Colorado, I was greeted by her mother. She was just the sweetest piece of sugar I had ever met. And of course her father, equally as sweet. Then I finally got to meet her lovely husband and shake his hand. He was full of excitement and nerves, and love for his wife and baby. It was such a joy filled room. We all stayed in quiet chatter as we waited for mister Gunner to arrive. 

The day began to turn to evening, and it was about time to push. And with each new contraction and new push, Karl was right next to her, pushing too. They worked together. They pushed together. They cried together just as their new baby was born and crying too. It was a glorious sight, and I am honored to have been apart of it all.