Birth of Gideon - A sweet rainbow baby born at home - Colorado Springs Birth Photography

I first met Mel one evening in the front room of her home where she had her in-home nail salon. I was about to get my nails prettyfied for my yearly Halloween party, and she was a couple of months away from having her very first baby boy. Of course we chatted babies and birth and all the things in that hour and a half. I left with a new friend and client. You can see that birth story here: Birth of Jesse.

 Fast forward only about a year and a half later I got to capture the birth of her second son, Gideon! 

Everything about this birth is magical, just as her first, yet so different. She was older and wiser as a mother, and more prepared and ready for a homebirth. She also used these images and her beautiful hair to sort of announce that sweet Gideon is also her rainbow baby. 

How special and rare day was! A rainbow baby, born en caul and on his due date! One in a million, I'd say.