Birth of Chase - A Beautiful Colorado Cesarean Birth - Colorado Springs Birth Photography

When and how did you find out you were pregnant? Talk about your process if it was a complete surprise, or completely planned. : March is when I found out and I found out at home with a pregnancy test. I gave the test to our 2 year old to give to Daddy to tell him we were pregnant. Planned.

In the weeks and months leading up to your birth, what did you do to prepare?: Made meals, packed a hospital bag (wrote a blog about what to bring), planned out all my businesses blogs and posts, wrapped up client sessions and products and took a few more maternity photos. Also did hospital pre-admission and finished the baby's nursery. Finally picked a name basically on the way to the hospital.

Talk about the place you decided to birth your child, and why you chose this birth place. : I birthed my first child at Penrose St. Francis. I always planned on a hospital because I'd never forgive myself if I did at home or in a center and something happened. My first was emergency c-section and had to be in the NICU for a week and then on O2 for 8 weeks at home so I wanted this birth to be less scary than that one. I'd also never birth at Memorial Hospital.

What was your birth like? What details do you, or don't you remember of your birth?: The actual birth was more enjoyable as I wasn't worried about the baby as much and got to enjoy seeing him for the first time and bond with him later. Obviously ecstatic that it was able to be photographed. I remember him crying immediately. I remember seeing him the first time from the curtain and thinking how big he looked and how much hair (and how dark it was). I remember getting to nuzzle him once he was cleaned up. I also remember the only person really talking to me as I was stitched up was the anesthesiologist and how nice she was.

Did anything about your birth expierence surprise you? : The bladder puncture.

What are you happy you did for your birth? Would you change anything for next time?: I'm happy I got it documented. The only thing I would change is asking if I was in labor in the back while waiting for the c-section but really who knows how that would have gone.

Final thoughts and advice about birth for future mothers to be...: Never expect it will go as you think and be perfect. Be ready for the unexpected as both of my births had complications. I don't say that to scare mothers. I say it so hopefully it will be much easier than they expect and if it doesn't they will be prepared mentally and physically.