Birth of Tristan - Denver and Colorado Springs Birth Photography

Tiara is a budding birth photographer herself. Working with colleagues is always a great joy of mine. We met and chatted in her home over pizza one day, about her pregnancy, birth, and some ins and outs of photographing birth.

The night that I got that long awaited phone call, I raced up to Denver as fast as I could, arriving shortly after they did. I knew this was going to be a beautiful birth just from the way that her and her husband interacted. There was a connection there that could be felt immediately. 

She labored so peacefully. We all drifted in and out through the wee morning hours. That is until things really started to pick up. Once it was time to push, it was a matter of about 25 minutes and soon baby Tristan made his entrance. 

This was an especially beautiful day, because as soon as he was born, and I snapped some fresh baby pictures, I was called to another birth there in Denver! Two beautiful births, one glorious day. I soon after that birth came back to Tiara's hospital and documented her and her new little family. 

Thank you Tiara for trusting me to document these moments for you all. It was a real pleasure to be apart of this special day. <3