Birth of Emerson - A Beautiful Hypnobirth - Colorado Spring Birth Photographer

I met Jamie about a year ago or so at a zoo playdate. She had a little girl about the same age as my littlest one and we had fun letting the kiddos hang out as we chatted. Fast forward to a few months ago, Jamie had contacted me about possibly documenting the birth of her second baby however she was unsure if it would work out due to some pregnancy complications and her family move back to the Springs. We were both thrilled to find out that in the end, she was able to have me there to document her birth. 

This was a very special birth, and as I documented her going through her contractions, or "rushes" as they are so often referred to in the hypnobirthing community, memories of my own hypnobirth came flooding back. If you haven't heard of hypnobirthing, I highly recommend even just a a glance at a Google search. The results of using hypnosis are astonishing, and many women are reaping the benefits of this amazing technique. It is a way of thinking, coupled with a nontraditional way of breathing. Instead of the short repetitive breaths, that are widely taught in many birthing classes, long, deep, and slow breaths take their place and are accompanied by thoughts that allow your body to do it's job. 
She brought little Emerson earthside with ease, and within a few pushes.

As always, I like to ask if my clients would like an opportunity to write something about their birth as well, after all it is their birth story. So below is Jamie's story as told by her. . . 

At 5:45 in the morning on May 25th, I woke up and my water broke. How excited I was that it was my baby's birth day! I took my time getting ready for the hospital, but I could tell that this was going to be a fast labor! By the time we arrived at the hospital a couple of hours later, my contractions, or "surges" as we say in Hypnobirthing, were three minutes apart. I could tell they were strong, but I was not uncomfortable. I stayed focused on my breathing and my birth affirmations. Triage took awhile, but once we arrived in our labor and delivery room and I got a dose of antibiotics on board, I was finally able to labor the way I wanted. I was fortunate enough to be get the last birthing room with a tub, and took full advantage of the wonderful comfort that warm water can bring, especially as my labor was advancing. My husband was my rock, staying by my side and helping me go deeper into relaxation. I also had my wonderful doula and her shadow, diffusing essential oils, fanning me, and rubbing my shoulders through each surge. I truly have never felt more loved or supported. Their words of encouragement helped me stay focused as I breathed deeply. I could tell that it was nearly time to meet my baby, so I got out of the tub and into the bed as the nurse called my midwife. When she arrived, I was not yet fully dilated, so my midwife stood by me, rubbed my back, and encouraged me. Minutes later, everyone was shocked to see my baby's head! With only a deep breath, my little boy made his way into the world quickly and easily. There are hardly words to describe the overwhelming joy that I felt the first time I got to see and hold the precious child I had been carrying for so long. I'd had weeks of false starts with my labor, but on that day, fully supported and completely comfortable, I got to have the birth of my dreams.