Little Lowell - Colorado Springs Birth Photographer

I love the community of photographers I have gotten to know the past couple of years. Whenever someone is in need of some help or guidance or a back up, there is always someone willing to help. I have needed that help with the unpredictability of on call life, so I was happy to volunteer my time to help when another photographer reached out to one of our local Facebook groups for someone that could take her place. Olivia had offered to capture Taylor and Joshua's birth for them, however when her daughter fell ill, she was unable to attend Taylor's induction of her second son. Birth being one of my greatest loves, naturally I stepped up, and offered to take her place. And after the hard past few years that this couple has had, I also thought it was the least that I could do.

Taylor has a pretty serious, pregnancy induced, condition that can be very dangerous for mom and baby past 37 weeks gestation, so she was planning to be induced around that time. I was already on call for three mama's, but I thought one more wouldn't hurt, and it was an induction, so the timing of it was somewhat predictable. 

Taylor and I chatted on the phone the day before her induction and I had made plans to make sure I was there to meet them at the hospital before things really got going. I got there early that Monday morning, April 25th, 2016 and met this amazing couple. We chatted and I documented the very beginnings of Lowell's birth journey. Taking snapshots of her and her husband, the details in the room and of course of her oldest son Whalin. What a doll he was! I even enjoyed a cuddle or two from this sweet baby boy. He reminded me of my littlest one, and just how precious that age really is.  

I left a couple of hours after, patiently awaited updates from the Hargis's, and let them labor in peace. I decided to drop back by the hospital just as she was about to start walking around the labor and delivery floor with Joshua, as I knew that she was going to need to rest without distractions after receiving an epidural. I left for the night shortly after and continued to play the waiting game.

Inductions can sometimes take a little longer than if labor were to have started naturally, and Taylor was anticipating this. She had a three day induction not long ago with her first son, and was hopeful for something shorter this go around.

The first day of her induction started off slower, only making it to about 1.5cms or so. However early the next morning she had dilated to 4cms, which was enough for the doctor to break her water. Once he did, things progressed extremely fast, and little baby Lowell was born. . .

April 26th, 2016
10:26 am
7 lbs 3 oz
20 inches

I, regrettably, was unable to make it for the arrival of this new baby boy as it was so fast. Not long after I got a text saying she had dilated to 8cms, Taylor was ready to push! However, we rejoiced in the fact that she did not have to endure another three day induction, and that everyone was happy and healthy. They relaxed and bonded the rest of the day, and I was able to capture some of these sweet moments the day after. . .

Welcome Lowell!

You are truly loved and have some of the best parents ever. Thank you Taylor and Josh for allowing me to be apart of such a special day. I am in awe and truly humbled by both of your incredible strength and perseverance throughout the past few years. Congratulations to you both on becoming a family of four! Cheers to the years and many cherished memories still to come. God Bless you both.