Birth of Eli - Colorado Springs Birth Photography

I met Ally and John just a handful of weeks before her due date. It was fast approaching and she knew that she was definitely interested in birth photography, so we conversed over Starbucks about becoming parents, what her birth was going to be like, and everything they wanted from their images. I always share in my clients joy over their birth, it's such an incredible stage of life! And I am lucky enough to be invited into it. 

As birth day drew near, we kept in communication on her progress until it was time for me to meet her at the hospital. One of my very favorite hospitals, Memorial North, just so happened to be where she was admitted to that day. When I arrived, Ally had been in labor for some time and was just about to get an epidural to help ease pain and allow her to rest. 

John's mother was making her way over to the hospital shortly after they administered her epidural, early that morning. As she was walking in the door, I readied my camera in video mode to grab a shot of her walking in, when to my surprise his mom ended up being a familiar face! I think I was the only one that didn't realize that I already knew his mom, as she works with mine. Such a small world! It was nice to be in familiar company and we chatted and laughed as the sun was coming up. 

Ally and John have some of the most funny senses of humors. They kept each other (and everyone else for that matter) laughing that morning. As more of their family started to arrive, Ally was dozing off and on, trying to cat nap and prepare for the pushing that was lying ahead.

Pretty soon it was time for this first time mama to start on the task of pushing. Everyone in the room including John, his mother, Ally and her mother, work in the medical field from a CNA to a nurse and in between. Naturally, everyone put on blue gloves and gathered around to help Ally lift her sleepy legs as she started to bare down and push. 

After hearing that the average time of pushing for a first time mama with an epidural was at least 2 hours (and sometimes more!) Ally was determined to break that average and do it in less time. And she did. Pushing only about 30 minutes, little Eli was born! I don't think there was a dry eye in the room. Be sure to grab a few tissues before you look through the images and watch their video. 

Ally and John, 
You two are awesome! Thank you for choosing me, and allowing me to be apart of this momentous day in your lives. What a blessing you two have.