Birth of Michael - Colorado Springs Midwife Attended Hospital Birth - Colorado Springs Birth Photography

Ksenia called me one day, about a couple of months before her son was due to be born. She was interested in birth photography, and had heard of me through her doula, Candace. We talked about birth photography, but more so about her feeling like she wanted to switch care providers. Her and her husband were planning on birthing naturally, but weren't sure about who would be the best provider to accommodate that. I know there are some amazing OB's in town, but my first thought was towards a midwife. Since we have a couple of midwives in town that serve in the hospital, I suggested Megan and Jolene. 

Not long after we talked, she contacted me with news that she had made the switch, and I would be invited to capture her beautiful, natural birth! It's always exciting to hear of a birth plan being implemented, and women becoming more and more comfortable with making their own decisions for how they want to birth. It's been the norm for so long that women go with what has always been done, it can be nerve wracking to push against that a bit. However, Ksenia was excited to feel like she was in the driver's seat of her birth, and I was ecstatic for her. 

Her due date, February 12th, 2016, was just one day after my daughter's birthday. She joked that she would try not to have baby on that day. It wouldn't have mattered though, it would have been a beautiful day to have a baby. Her due date came and went. Valentine's Day came, and I had a feeling I was going to be getting a call not long after. Sure enough, I get a text about 7:00 am, Monday the 15th saying she had been in labor since 4:00 am. She was going to head into the hospital around 9:00 am, so I got ready and waited to hear on her cervical status, as I didn't want to be too early.

My husband was off for Presidents Day, so I packed my bag and cleaned a bit, and enjoyed not having to take the kids anywhere. I started to get a little nervous as 10:00 am rolled around. 10:07 am I get this text : "She's 7-8 cms come asap". It was her husband texting me. Things had progressed very quickly, that they almost forgot to tell me to come! Adrenaline flooded my body, and I rushed out of the door. It was a good thing I live so close to the hospital, because as soon as I ran up to the room it was a matter a minutes before baby was born. He came so quickly that she actually didn't have anytime to move from the triage bed, to her room bed.  I came in, grabbed my camera, my flash, took a test shot and she started pushing baby out en caul. An en caul birth, means that baby is born in the sac. I haven't actually seen this happen, so I was pretty excited when we he started to emerge. Right around the baby's lower back, the sac burst and the rest of him was born in an instant. You will see in the images below, he spread his tiny arms out, reaching for the sky. As if to say "I'm here!". 

This was such delightful birth, full of joy and love. Watching her older daughter meet her little brother for the first time, filled my heart up. I love grandparents reactions to the newest little bundle, just priceless. Be sure to leave a kind word for this sweet family in the comments section below for them to read, as they settle in with number two. 

* Stay tuned for a birth video as well in the next few weeks or so! *