Birth of August, a home birth story - Colorado Springs Birth Photographer

Carly had been having contractions on and off the day before her birth. I almost decided to head over to her house, that lies far south-east of me on a wonderful piece of land, the day that she told me she was having contractions. I gathered my things, and told my good-byes to my family, but then decided to call the midwife, Jolene, just for one final opinion about Carly's condition before I left. She informed me that she was going to wait a little while, so I made the decision to do the same.  

It wasn't until the next day that I got the call that things were really picking up and to head over. When I got there, she was hard at work, with Shane, her mom, and her doula. Her first son, ran and played and watched cartoons just as he would have any other normal day. He was so curious and excited about everything that was going on around him. It's always so fun to see the reactions of children during childbirth. It's usually less scary to them than the adults would have expected it to be.

Carly birthed with such strength and power, the whole room was in awe of her. Contraction after contraction, she gathered her strength and pushed with a force that maybe she didn't even know that she had in her. Birth is amazing like that, it seems to always show us and everyone else what we are truly made of. And just when she started to lose heart, her team gave her theirs, which was just enough for her to bring little August into the world. . .