Colorado Springs Birth Photography- Logan's Arrival

I met this gorgeous first time mother-to-be at a pregnancy fair this summer. She and I share a mutual friend, who is also expecting her first baby! Chelsea, not unlike many first timers, was interested in birth photography but hesitant on the idea. Her and Jason went back and forth on the idea up until the very end of her pregnancy. I got a call around 8 am July 8th, with Chelsea on the other end asking me if I could still shoot her birth, even though her due date was the 7th! Of course I said yes. I am always honored to be invited to be apart of a couple's birth story. 

She was scheduled to be induced Sunday evening, but baby had a different plan. They got up that morning, put on their Sunday's best, went to church and planned to go to the hospital a bit later. However soon after church, Chelsea started feeling some cramping. Pretty soon the rushes started coming on more intensely, and consistently. She texted me through the day, until that moment came where she needed to pass the phone off to Jason. This usually gives me a clue to start thinking about heading over to the birthing place.

And I did... 

I made dinner for my family, ate, kissed everyone bye and headed out the door around 5:45 pm that evening. The sun was about to set, and looked so beautiful. A warm, July night, perfect for a new baby. When I got to the hospital Chelsea looked as if she was made just for this moment. Lovely Christian music played softly in the background. Her husband Jason never left her side. As she entered into more intense labor, Jason went right along with her. Holding her hand, and giving her his full undivided attention. The thing that helped Chelsea the most was to look deep into her loves eyes. I can only imagine what she saw in them. Strength. Love. Joy. Concern. 

It was clear from the moment I walked in the room that God was the center in their marriage. Prayers went up every so often from Jason, as he consoled his wife. Reassuring her, reassuring him, and just giving them both great strength and perspective. That ultimately it's in God's hands, no matter how their son's arrival unfolds. I loved that about these two. I choked back tears a few times just watching them go through this together with such courage. This baby was coming into a very loving household. 

Chelsea's mother lives in Texas, but was on a plane to Colorado when she heard Chelsea was in labor. This was her first grand-baby, and the excitement was evident as soon as she walked in the room. It was a joy to watch her and Chelsea enteract. The mother-daughter bond in this moment is stronger than ever. 

Both Jason and Chelsea had a great natural birth plan in place. Birth plans are amazing to have, yet should be held lightly as birth is so unpredictable. Chelsea neared completion around 9:30 pm, and then it was time to start pushing. She bared down and worked hard on getting her son from her womb, to her loving arms. Almost an hour and a half ticked by, and though Chelsea was making progress, it was clear that she was going to need just a little bit of help. She was so strong through the entire process but was starting to get tired, and baby was starting to get a distressed. It was clear that he needed to be born very soon. With just a little bit of help of the hospital staff, Logan was born 10:59 pm, a healthy baby boy. They had the birth that God knew they would have, even if it was different from what they initially had planned on.

It was beautiful, it was perfect, and it was theirs. . .