Birth Story of Primeaux- Denver Birth Photography

Primeaux Jameson
Born May 8th, 2015
4:07 am 
7 lbs 12 oz.
21 inches long

It's always a pleasure to work with a couple as sweet as Brittany and Moe. We first met for coffee just a few short weeks before her scheduled induction. As we chatted, it became apparent that they were very connected, prepared and that Moe would prove to be an incredible support to Brittany. Coupled with the support of their doula, they would walk into their first birth with so much grace and ease. 

I firmly believe that a birthing womans surroundings plays an integral role in her birthing experience. So I stayed in contact with their doula most of the day, as to not disturb Brittany and to let her and her sweet husband focus on the task at hand. The plan for their birth was to have little to no interventions, to have immediate skin on skin contact, delayed cord clamping, and to have Moe catch his son. They picked out one of the best hospitals in Denver for the job. The staff always held their birth plan and needs high and handled them with respect. It was the kind of staff I believe every birthing woman deserves and should have. Brittany was supported not only in her birth plan, but for any unpredictable events that birth always seems to surprise us with. 

Manual induction began around lunch time, and contractions came fast and forcefully. She was about 5 centimeters when I decided to make my way from my home in Colorado Springs, to the hospital in Denver where they chose to deliver. I arrived to a gorgeous couple, chatting and laughing with the birth team. Things stayed light for a couple of hours, and they danced and walked to help move that precious baby farther down. It was decided to start a little bit of pitocin to get things moving a bit more, and not long after things started really picking up. 

The thing about pitocin is it progresses your labor a bit more quickly than your body might normally, causing it to feel more painful. Many times the mother will request something to help her get through them a little easier. There is never any shame in needing to add unexpected interventions to one's birth plan. Brittany and Moe took their birth moment by moment as it unfolded with so much strength. She wanted to be able to move and walk around, so she opted out of the epidural and went for less invasive forms of pain medication. 

The doctors came in once she was complete, and started to have pushing sensations. Moe, being the wonderfully supportive husband that he is, decided that it was time to make clear their intentions and communicate that to the doctor. Doctors are trained a certain way, a way that puts them in the leader role in births, and most of the time that is exactly want the couple needs. However, this soon to be papa was going to make sure to protect the integrity of his and his beautiful wife's birth plan. He intended to catch their son, and he did just that. 

It's a true blessing to be able to witness such love and connection between two people, in one of the most tender moments in their lives.