Birth of Baby Willow - Colorado Springs Home birth

Born 3:51am April 6th, 2015
6lbs 8ozs, 19in

The one thing that I absolutely LOVE about my work, are the amazing souls I encounter. I first met Taylor when she was about 6 months pregnant with Willow, and I was de-stashing my cloth diapers. She came over to buy some from me, and we quickly got to talking about all kinds of birthy things and I could tell this woman would be a dear friend. We soon talked details of me doing birth photography for her, and of course I was thrilled to have been invited into another precious birth.

She called me the morning of April 6th around 1:30am, and I sleepily got ready as I had just gone to bed at 11:00pm! Running on 2.5 hours of sleep I arrived to their lovely little apartment, met the midwife, and got to work. She was so serene, no noises, just breathing,


I couldn't tell if things were moving really quickly, or really slowly with how comfortable she looked. After the midwife checked her  she was about 6 cms. In my experience, 6 cms means get comfortable you're going to be there for a while. So I did. I ate a snack, sat back for the most part and waited. But that's the beautiful thing about birth, is you can hardly predict the moments as they unfold. When she got into the pool, things changed quickly. Rushes were more intense, the breathing was a little bit harder, and then came the grunts. If you have never felt the involuntary urge to push and bare down, I'm here to tell you it's unlike anything else. She asked the midwife if it was normal for her to be feeling like she wanted to push. The midwife say yes of course, but a little nervously as she could tell things were progressing very quickly and her assistants had not arrived yet! 

She began pushing in no time, and I got that awesome kick of adrenaline as I always do just before baby arrives. This is the best part! The most intense and exciting moment is witnessing, and capturing a couple become parents for the first, second, third time. It's amazing. I live for it. 

She started pushing baby out, and the midwife got Austen prepared to help catch her. As the both reached down the head was born, and not to long after the body. Willow was put directly on mama's chest, just as she should be, and the midwife looked her over. 
Baby Willow was a bit too quiet, and things started getting a little more serious. Exactly 5 minutes after she was born one of the assistants came in and rushed to help. After a little bit of coaxing baby cried and made everyone in the room at ease instantly. She is just a beautiful little baby girl, just like mama. See for yourself...