Birth of little Jesse - Colorado Springs Birth Photography

Meleasa and I chatted for about an hour and a half about pregnancy, mommy things, and birth photography as she did my nails. We quickly became friends over that period of time, and I was excited to be invited to photograph the birth of her first child. She and her husband Nic, were planning a lovely natural birth attended by a midwife at Memorial North Hospital.

*Side note: Isn't it cool that there are options like this in Colorado Springs? I high recommend Jolene Hamann and Megan Dickey, if you yourself are thinking about a natural birth, but want the comfort of being surrounded by a medical staff *

When I started getting texts from Meleasa saying that she was in labor, I packed my camera bag, gathered a few other things...and waited. I have learned not to be in a huge rush to get to a birth. To wait until mom can no longer text and keep me updated on her progress and hands that part off to someone else. (Which is usually my cue to head over.) 

Her sister, Shannon, texted me around 8:30pm, the evening of November 30th. I was going to continue to wait until she was about to transfer over to the hospital, but then Shannon informed me that Mel was going to wait until she was feeling a little "pushy". Something told me to just go on over and start documenting while she was still at home laboring. After all, that too was a part of her birth story. 

When I got there, the house was glowing from the Christmas tree and some beautiful lights strung up on a window. I was greeted with some excited, smiling faces from her sister and mother. Mel, Nic, and her doula, Candace, were in the candle lit bedroom. After taking a few shots, and some video clips, I laid down on the couch and out of the way. Around 3:30-4am I awoke to a more active labor, and a beautiful mama who was nearing the end. 

Everyone anxiously gathered up bags, snacks, coats and shoes and headed out into the frigid, early morning air. Taking full advantage of the hospital accommodations, we loaded up on coffee, and hot chocolate in preparation for the home stretch....getting a baby out! Meleasa labored naturally, and so beautifully, with the help of her husband and doula for the next 3-4 hours. Then came time to push. 

Time truly stops when you are in labor, and about to bring a child into existence. Pushing can feel like a lifetime, when in reality, can be a matter of minutes. That is what I believe Mel was feeling in this moment as she asked, "Why is he being stubborn?". Pushing for only about 20-30 minutes, Meleasa brought a gorgeous, healthy, baby boy earthside at 8:13am. He came bearing a tiny little gift that no one was expecting. An extra pinky toe, stood proudly next to the other ten, just as his grandpa had been born with. Such a cute little surprise. 

Welcome to the world little guy. . 

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